KASK ELEMENTO สุดยอดหมวกประสิทธิภาพสูงตัวใหม่จาก KASK

Kask Elemento


KASK is revolutionizing the world of cycling with the launch of the Elemento. It is a helmet that cuts no corners, and an array of cutting edge technologies have been applied to ensure it delivers the very best in aerodynamics, ventilation and safety. The Elemento is aimed at elite athletes competing in the world’s best road, cross country, cyclocross, and gravel events, as well as cyclists who are driven by the quest for ultimate performance.

The origins of the helmet date back to 2020 when KASK conducted an in depth analysis of numerous scientific studies focused on how athletes’ performances varied as their body temperatures changed. The studies concluded that, in performance terms, an athlete’s thermal comfort is just as important as a helmet’s weight and aerodynamics. KASK immediately began working with INEOS Grenadiers on the Elemento developing an innovative and ground breaking helmet which is not only super aerodynamic, but also offers high levels of safety and ventilation.


Fluid 12 Carbon

Fluid Carbon 12 is a composite technopolymer that is capable of absorbing more energy from an impact than traditional materials, and then able to distribute that force more evenly across the helmet. This capability has enabled KASK’s technicians to increase the size of the Elemento’s internal channels, improving ventilation whilst simultaneously reducing the size of the ventilation holes, thus also improving aerodynamics.

Multipod is a KASK designed structure that is 3D printed and used in the Elemento’s internal padding. This elastomer material was conceived as a direct result of KASK’s Rotational Impact WG11 Test an internal testing protocol that has enabled KASK to improve the performance and safety of its helmets when subjected to different types of impact.

Indeed, Multipod enables the helmet to better withstand linear and rotational impacts, and also has isotropic properties which ensure it behaves consistently, no matter which direction the force is applied. These properties have helped the Elemento receive a five star review from Virginia Tech’s highly authoritative test which measures the performance of helmets subjected to linear and rotational impacts. Last but not least, the Multipod’s unique design also greatly improves ventilation, thus increasing the Elemento’s thermoregulation capabilities.

Multipod 3D Padding

Other technologies included in the Elemento include OCTOFIT+, the new helmet adjustment system that provides greater comfort and stability, and the “Pro” chinstrap, which is the same ultra lightweight chinstrap used by INEOS Grenadiers.

The Elemento also features a reflective graphic on the back to increase rider visibility, and merino wool internal padding is used in addition to Multipod, guaranteeing unprecedented comfort and thermoregulation.

Beetle Green
Oxford Blue


The Elemento is available in the classic Black or White versions, as well as new metallic finishes: Beetle Green, Oxford Blue, Red, and Silver. As is standard for all KASK products, the Elemento was designed in accordance with the KASK Rotational Impact WG11 Test, an internal testing protocol that measures the helmet’s performance when subjected to rotational impacts. Weighing in at just 260 grams (size M), the Elemento is on sale at a recommended retail price of EUR 375, GBP 335, USD 400, and AUD 650

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