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ALTA24 Team Randonnee

Away from City, Enjoy exclusive route

Take you away to go cycling in nature on one of the most exclusive routes in the country.

We are back at it again with the annually organized ALTA24 Team Randonnée 2022 supported by Rapha to offer you fun and joys. 

As you may already have expected, this year, we come back to Chiang Mai with even better and more challenging routes for all cyclists. For more information on application, please follow the instructions below. 

Event Information

  • The event will be organized on 16-17 December 2022
    • 16th December: Briefing Day
    • 17th December: Riding Day – Starting from 6:00 onward. Evening event from 16:00 – 21:00
  • Venue: Skugga Estate, Chiang Mai (Thailand)
  • Distance: There will be 2 distances to choose from; 100km and 140km for extreme cycling experience. The full details of the routes will be disclosed on briefing day
  • This event is by no means a racing event but more like a team adventure ride in which you have to go through difficulties together as a team. Self-Service during the ride is an absolute must, be prepared with tools, pumps, inner tube, and chain connector. 
  • Application will be accepted as a team of 5 members of any gender. However, if there is/are women in the team, extra points will be given to those teams.  
  • Only 35 teams/175 people applications will be accepted. 
  • During the ride, any form of team support or follower will not be allowed to follow the team by any means due to safety reasons. 
  • Special!! Exclusive Outdoor Night Party on 17th December 2022: starting from 16:00
    • Exclusive Cacao Farm Tour at Skugga Estate
    • Winter Outdoor Night Party in an exclusive atmosphere with tons of activities in the event  

How to join the event?

  1. Application will be accepted as a team. One ticket can registered 5 team members and each team can buy followers ticket as many as you desired
  2. Purchase team ticket and complete the payment
  3. Use Order ID received from email to register
  4. Register in this Google Form
  5. All team member join LINE Openchat: ALTA24 TR2022  for any news and update of the events

Application Closed 17th November 2022 at Midnight

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Q: How hard is the route?

A: The route will be in the mountainous area of Chiang Mai so please expect climbing and descending in the process. However, since this event is more about friendship and attending, there will be 2 routes to choose from: Short and Long Route; the short one is for everyone, anybody with determination will certainly be able to finish the ride, still, it is challenging enough. The long route will feature flat roads and one (or many) epic climb which can be long and steep. 


Q: How does this year’s route stack up against last year?


A: Longer and More Challenging for Long Route. 


Q: Can I apply individually? 

A: The individual application will not be accepted as these courses are designed to go through difficulties together with teammates. However, for those who do not have team yet, please feel free to look for available teammates at LINE Openchat: ALTA24 TR2022

Q: What is it in there for Followers Ticket?

A: Party!!! On the eve of 17th December, there will be an outdoor night party for everyone including those with Followers Ticket. Foods, drinks, music, shows, and other activities will be provided to suit everyone in the family. If you reckon that last year’s event was good, this one will be even better. 

Q: When will I have the route info?

A: The details of all routes will be revealed on the briefing day, let’s save the surprise for later. 

Q: What is the weather forecast for that date?

A: Well, it is hard to predict but it is most likely that it will be a sunny clear sky with nice breeze. There will be a slight chance of rain but it should be less likely to happen. The forest will be all green. The temperature can be single digit C in the morning and upto 25 C during the day. 

Q: Is hotel and accommodation included in the ticket?

A: No, the applicants will have to book their own hotel and accommodation.  

Q: How should the bike be prepared for this event?

A: Road Bike. Fully operating conditions. Need to do servicing prior to the event to avoid any surprise along the ride in an uncontrolled situation. It should be set up to be a climbing bike. Last but not least, make sure the brakes can be fully operated. 


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