The Talon Ultra integrated bar/stem 1K is beefier,  8% stiffer yet 10% lighter, down to 390 grams

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The Most Talon Ultra 1K handlebar is only compatible with the Pinarello Dogma F12.

It was designed around the fact that the front of a handlebar is responsible for 20% of a bicycle’s leading surface area. To address this, the Talon Ultra has been redesigned to route all cables internally, resulting in a more aerodynamic bicycle and a cleaner look. There are no exposed cables when used with a Dogma F12 Disk frameset and only one, leading from the bar to the brake, on the F12 rim version.

Headset spacers were also redeveloped as well, with the dual purpose of uniformly connecting the Talon Ultra to its F12 frame as well as ensuring correct cable routing. The spacers themselves are two pieces that lock together, making any cockpit height adjustments a literal ‘snap’.

While the Talon Ultra 1K is beefier, than its previous counterpart, the Talon Aero, Most engineers were able to make the integrated bar/stem 8% stiffer yet 10% lighter, down to 390 grams.

The Most Talon Ultra is available in 16 size variations so you can find your perfect size


  • Drop: 125mm
  • Reach: 80mm
  • Outward bend: 4 degrees
  • Claimed weight: 390 grams

Specs & Information

  • Material: Torayca T1100 1K weave
  • Drop/Reach: 125/80
  • Fork Clamp: 1-1/2″


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